Localize Your Content – Using the Right Language When Going Global

 When it comes to languages, diverse audiences, and far away cultures, what works at home may not work somewhere else. Localization is the process of modifying or recreating content to fit the linguistic, cultural, legal, and regulatory standards for a specific locale. 

Whether it is French, Spanish, German, or one of the thousands of other languages, studies have shown that online visitors will spend twice as much time on a website if the content is in their native language. This also makes them three times as likely to buy products from that site.

When going local with your content, it should be kept simple and understandable as well as culturally pleasing and inoffensive. At times it may even be necessary to alter or change the design, layout, images, keywords, and product attributes.

Seattle Publishing has worked with a variety of companies helping to localize their content and continues to offer these services.

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