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Being Green through sustainable forests

The U.S. is the largest market for paper products in the world, producing 90 million tons of paper annually and, in-turn, consuming about 100 million tons.  Despite improved technologies for refining post consumer pulp, virgin fiber is still a significant … Continue reading

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Product photography gone wrong.

Patagonia is in some trouble after it was discovered by National Park officials that the catalog photographer had altered natural features to capture the perfect image for a Patagonia product catalog, which is a big no no. To read more…

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Client’s content in Real Time

Here is a recent article about Tacoma Screw’s ecommerce website that uses the Gutenberg Publishing System® for keeping the content in real time.  The “Catalog Company” referred to in this article is SP. To Read More

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Reasons why catalogs work

One of the oldest forms of marketing, catalogs remain a powerful marketing medium, but their role has changed. Where they were once a direct-response vehicle, they now drive consumers to the internet to place an order online. It seems that … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Right Mix?

Like Making a Cake, It Takes the Right Combination When baking, temperature, timing, and ingredients all play an important role in determining the right outcome. By comparison, media selection, making sure you have the appropriate content, and ensuring timely delivery … Continue reading

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Content trends in 2012…SP’s Top 5

Tablet Tsunami These portable devices are not going away, if anything they will become the game changer in the way that humans interact with technology. Tablet catalogs and tablet subscriptions are starting to gain traction both in consumer and business … Continue reading

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Six Habits for Successful Web Design

Neat and Easy Navigation: How long a user stays on your website often depends on how easy it is to navigate. Clean Layout: The use of white space enhances a site’s design and directs the viewer to the site’s content. … Continue reading

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Tips for optimizing your catalog business

This year, many businesses are looking for ways to increase their return on investment from catalogs. Here are some helpful tips to consider when looking at your upcoming catalog project. Plan Your Paper Purchases Paper is a commodity and like … Continue reading

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Getting Product Catalogs to pay for themselves.

As marketing resources move towards online and mobile initiatives, PDF/print product catalogs need to create a revenue stream to offset production costs. One way to do this is to borrow from the magazine world and offer advertisements and other incentives … Continue reading

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Viva La Print

Why are online companies publishing in print? One of the reasons for their print approach is that keeping the attention of their online customer is becoming more difficult, and with the rapid adoption of email marketing, customers’ email inboxes are … Continue reading

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