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Project meeting at 1400 feet

On a recent warm, sunny Seattle day, SP’s President, Jay Stilwell and Bottech’s Owner, John Franich discuss current and future projects while flying over Puget Sound in John’s 1951 Piper Pacer.

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Content trends in 2012…SP’s Top 5

Tablet Tsunami These portable devices are not going away, if anything they will become the game changer in the way that humans interact with technology. Tablet catalogs and tablet subscriptions are starting to gain traction both in consumer and business … Continue reading

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Launchd: Auto-starting ruby processes and keeping them alive

We have some processes that need to be automatically started and kept alive on our Mac OS X server. I had researched this previously and knew that launchd, Apple’s service launcher, would probably fit the bill. Using this tutorial, I … Continue reading

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What is Ruby on Rails (RoR) and why should you care?

Ruby on Rails is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework for building dynamic web applications such as, and RoR was originally written by David Heinemeier Hansson and was released to the general public in July 2004. Since … Continue reading

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RoR, mySQL, & Gutenberg- A new website for a national marine distributor.

Last fall we began the development of, the main website for SeaDog Line, a national marine hardware supplier. With the new website, Sea-Dog Line now uses the Gutenberg Publishing System for managing and driving all their product content to the … Continue reading

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